Dear Ai is an experiential piece of design fiction exploring how the proliferation of AI tools will affect traditional notions of value, effort and meaning in personal communication and indeed, relationships. The improvement of AI technology in recent years has let us peek into a future where not only business can become more efficient, but so too can we humans. Just as AI powered coding tools, like Co-Pilot, can give us the power to become 10x programmers, other AI tools will surface inviting us to become 10x friends, family, and lovers.  Dear Ai is one such tool. Presented in the past of a future that has made these tools mainstream, I hope it invites you to ask questions such as: How will it feel to send and receive synthetically intimate letters to/from loved ones? Are traditional values of politeness already devoid of meaning? What does it say when stop using AI to check our writing and instead become editors of Ai writing? Should a VC funded company mediate our affection or our conflict? Do you want your human connections to be messy, inefficient and visceral or aesthetically pleasing, effortless and clinical? Is 'I miss you' scrawled on the back of a postcard worth 5000 words of AI love?

Text Generation - OpenAi GPT3.5 Turbo
Handwriting Generation - Handwriting Synthesis (TFv2)

A Project by Fred Wordie